28 minutes | May 23, 2021

CCFP 105 Topics: Chronic Disease

Objective One: In a patient with a diagnosed chronic disease who presents with acute symptoms, diagnose: acute complications of the chronic disease acute exacerbations of the disease

Objective Two: Regularly reassess adherence (compliance) to the treatment plan (including medications)

Objective Three: In patients with chronic disease a) Actively inquire about pain. b) Treat appropriately by: titrating medication to the patient's pain, taking into account other treatments and conditions, considering non-pharmacologic treatment and adjuvant therapies

Objective Four: Patients with chronic disease, actively inquire about: the psychological impact of diagnosis and treatment, functional impairment, underlying depression or risk of suicide or underlying substance abuse.

Objective Five: Given a non-compliant patient, explore the reasons why, with a view to improving future adherence to the treatment plan.

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