22 minutes | Dec 3, 2019

Episode 11: John Rother and Evon Yao Discuss #OKBoomer and How Generations Can Reach Across Ages and Differences to Find Common Ground

The conversation in this episode goes back to the roots of Generations United, which was founded over 30 years ago. The purpose, according to one of our founders Jack Ossofsky, was "to argue for a caring society." Over those three decades, the organization has weathered many attempts to spark intergenerational warfare. Fortunately, they've never taken root. In this episode, Generations United's former board chair John Rother, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Healthcare, and Evon Yao, a student at the University of Michigan and former vice president of WeListen*, discuss how people can reach across ages and differences to find common ground. The resources referenced in this episode are below:Out of Many, One: Uniting the Changing Faces of AmericaI Need You, You Need Me: The Young, The Old, and What We Can Achieve Together_____________________________________* WeListen is a bipartisan student group, working to bridge the political divide through conversations between people with differing political views.Support the show (https://generationsunited.wufoo.com/forms/support-generations-united/)
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