50 minutes | Apr 15th 2019

The Power of Owning Our Immigrant Stories with Immigration and Esports Attorney Genie Doi [186]

Along with running her own Immigration Law firm, Genie Doi is pioneering her way through the esports industry. Esports is professional video gaming and it is a booming industry! Genie gives us a little glimpse into this world and shares the immigration work she’s doing for these players. Then, our conversation shifts to talking about our own experiences as children of immigrants. This one is a powerful one! To get in touch with Genie, find her at www.immigrate.la or on Twitter @puregenieus A huge thank you goes to our show sponsor: Abby Connect:Abby Connect, the live receptionist service loved by small businesses.  Get your 2-week free trial and $95 off your first month at http://abbyconnect.com/genwhy Thanks for Checking Out the Show Notes and for Listening! I really hope you enjoyed this episode. I would really appreciate it if you shared this episode with a friend who could benefit from listening to this particular episode.  A special thanks to our sponsors Abby Connect. If you haven't already, please don’t forget to subscribe to the GWL Podcast in Apple Podcasts or in Stitcher Radio. That way, every time I prepare a new episode for you, it’ll automatically show up in your phone.
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