21 minutes | Apr 8th 2019

Do You Need a Break from Social Media? My 30 Day Detox Experiment [185]

On March 3rd, 2019, I woke up, I went to Instagram and proceeded to delete the app off of my phone. I also deleted the Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn apps and made the decision to not log in for the next 30 days.  I needed a break. I’m a social media-lover so this decision was huge for me, but it was necessary. I noticed that there's this feeling of overwhelm going around when it comes to social media. There’s a lot of push back against this state of always having to post on the platform in order to remain relevant. Many people are outright deleting their accounts because they're exhausted.  As more and more articles surface highlighting the negative effects of social media on our mental health and behaviors, the more intrigued I became with reassessing my own usage of the platforms. In this episode, I share the results of my 30-day social media detox experiment and describe how I plan on using the platforms in a more sustainable way going forward.  A huge thank you goes to our show sponsor: Abby Connect:Abby Connect, the live receptionist service loved by small businesses.  Get your 2-week free trial and $95 off your first month at http://abbyconnect.com/genwhy Thanks for Checking Out the Show Notes and for Listening! I really hope you enjoyed this episode. I would really appreciate it if you shared this episode with a friend who could benefit from listening to this particular episode.  A special thanks to our sponsors Abby Connect.  If you haven't already, please don’t forget to subscribe to the GWL Podcast in Apple Podcasts or in Stitcher Radio. That way, every time I prepare a new episode for you, it’ll automatically show up in your phone.
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