67 minutes | Apr 30, 2014

Futures Options Roundtable 9: The Great Grains Breakdown

Futures Options Roundtable 9: The Great Grains Breakdown Grand Marketplace: Today’s guest is Helen Pound, Sr. Futures Market Specialist at KCG Futures Grain futures were quite active this week with beans and wheat prices advancing dramatically as corn struggled. There was much conversation today regarding a Reuters wire service article about recent Chinese defaults and cancellations of Brazilian bean cargos.  Gold futures fall on possible Ukraine progress. Copper futures in Shanghai (the world's biggest user) traded near its highest level in two weeks. Nat Gas not lighting up the tape as much as it was a few months ago, but a lot of furor in Oil.   The Scrolls: Taking delivery and natural gas Question from The Seahorse - What is the process if I wanted to take delivery of a commodity future - maybe an agricultural contract like wheat or a metals contract like gold? Tweet from Anders - Nat gas is the move done or should I scoop the cheap vol ahead of another move?  
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