64 minutes | Dec 4, 2013

Futures Options Roundtable 5: In a Crude Mood

Futures Options Roundtable 5: In a Crude Mood The Grand Marketplace: What's going on in crude? Natural gas? What other underlings are these people trading? The Scrolls: Question from Bi Dip - Is there margin on Nadex binaries or do I have to pay the full amount for each trade? Question from ACA Tim - Are we seeing the same fragmentation issues with futures options that we are with equity options? Is it easier to trade spreads with futures options? Question from Steven Max, Toronto, CA - I love the new show. I am an Ag options trader, and I am very interested in the new options on the intra-crop spreads. The spread futures have always been somewhat illiquid, so I can only imagine what the options might be like. Can you give us an overview of these products and how they stack up from a liquidity and perhaps a utility perspective? Are they suitable for someone with a moderate level of futures and futures options trading experience?
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