66 minutes | Oct 29, 2013

Futures Options Roundtable 4: We Buy Gold & Other Dubious Metals Schemes

Futures Options Roundtable 4: We Buy Gold & Other Dubious Metals Schemes The Grand Marketplace: There has been insane movements/volatility in gold and silver since our last show. We saw a pop last week only to see is start trending down again. Bonds, tapering and rates. Oil, Nat Gas, and other energies. The Guild Hall: What can you learn from today’s episode? Taking Delivery: Question from Hawkeye - I would like to add some hard assets to my rainy day fund. I am looking at physical silver but I don’t want to run down to my local jeweler/coin dealer or pay the ridiculous markup for coins on those infomercials. If I buy and exercise a silver option can i arrange to receive delivery of the metal at my own residence or do I need to have it delivered to a third party? Binaries: is there a delivery aspect to NADEX contracts? If so, how does that work? The Scrolls: In which we answer listener questions. Question from Winteriscoming - Hey guys -can you explain the difference between the Ags and the softs? I always seem to get these products confused. Question from Alexander - The OPRA failure really spooked me. Gold was moving and I couldn’t exit my GLD options positions. Do you consider CME’s GLOBEX platform to be safer if only because it isn’t linking nearly a dozen exchanges? Should I be looking at the CME contracts and options instead? Question from Jim Jim - NADEX has options and bull spreads. Are there any plans to expand the NADEX product offering anytime soon? Maybe bear spreads or some dedicated hedging products - perhaps a NADEX version of a strangle?
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