53 minutes | Oct 21, 2013

Futures Options Roundtable 3: Sexy Commodities

Futures Options Roundtable 3: Sexy Commodities The Grand Marketplace: Corn resumes decline as yields boost outlook - Soybeans drop as well.  S&P launches two new metals futures indexes. Eurex gets into the FX options game - set to launch October 7, to compete with CME.  Crude options volatility rises as futures slide on Fed taper. Trading glitches have caused major issued for equity and options traders. The Guild Hall: The collar from a commodity perspective. The Scrolls: We’re taking your questions Question from Alester Mack, Brighton, England - Looking forward to the launch of the new radio program. There isn’t enough information out there for us beginner futures options traders. I would like to pose this question for the new program - I know that futures currently require a maintenance margin deposit rather than offering an outright purchase/sale price. Do futures options operate the same way or do they have a set purchase price like traditional equity or index options? Question from TFell - Can't wait for future options show. Are the Greeks the same for futures options? Are there others? Do they work differently?
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