66 minutes | Dec 31, 2013

Futures Options Roundtable: 2013 Year in Review

Futures Options Roundtable: 2013 Year in Review The Grand Marketplace: The Year of 2013 in Review Metals - A rollicking year in the metals, lots of Vol and movement in the precious metals. Silver vs. Gold. Industrial metals - Copper. Bitcoin - The darling of the market Ags - New crop vs Old crop, Intra crop spreads options, Ag option volatility, etc. Energy - Iran, Domestic production reports, WTI options hit 50% electronic in August, Developments in natural gas, etc.  Softs - Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar, etc.  Rates - The comeback complex of the year. The taper announcement came earlier this year after the back and forth throughout the year, Short term vs. Mid-curve vs. Long term options activity, etc.  The Scrolls: Keep those questions rolling in Question from George Nelson, Ottawa - I trade ETF options, not futures options. But your recent conversation about roll risk concerned me. Can I avoid roll risk in ETF options if I simply limit my purchases to longer term options - lets say six months of longer? Thanks for the show and for teaching this old dog some new tricks.  Question from Buckeye Fan - In the spirit of binaries, let me ask the roundtable - Nymex crude finishes above $100 at the end of 2013. Yea or nay?
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