58 minutes | Dec 2, 2014

Futures Options Roundtable 16: Crazy Crude Oil Action

Futures Options Roundtable 16: Crazy Crude Oil Action  The Grand Marketplace: Crude futures activity rundown. Binary options. Gold and silver futures rose to three-week highs after China cut benchmark interest rates to support economic growth.   Corn futures for March delivery fell 1.3 percent to $3.8025 a bushel, the largest drop since Nov. 19. The Scrolls: Listener Questions and Comments   Question from Richard D - Hey Options Insider Team! Below I have 3 questions: 1.      I am wondering what the key reports are that affect the Agricultural future options (corn, soy, wheat, etc.) and where I can get more info and track these reports? 2.      Also, do options on these ags typically behave the same way equity options behave leading up an earnings report? 3.   Finally, what are the most liquid futures options besides gold, silver, and oil?   Question from Anthony Fields: I was just reading through a book (won’t name them here to give them a free plug) that blamed the crash in 2008 on derivatives - particularly S&P futures and SPX options. What’s your take on stuff like that? Drive you crazy or is there some truth?
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