63 minutes | Jun 30, 2014

Futures Options Roundtable 11: Commodity Sturm und Drang

Futures Options Roundtable 11: Commodity Sturm und Drang Grand Marketplace: Crude oil/energy and the impact of Iraqi situation on oil markets. Gold has been on a protracted selloff for the better part of the past month. Implied volatility has also been collapsing in gold - a surprise for many new futures options traders who are used to investment skew. Iraq & gold: the impact of the Iraq events has also been felt in gold. We saw a sharp spike in gold futures and GLD, plus gold volatility also spiked on the news. El Niño may impact oilseed prices this year.   The Scrolls: Listener questions and comments Question from doc bass: hello. I have a question for the futures options roundtable program about the recent spike in gold option volatility. Does the panel view this as a significant event - something that will spark a new volatility paradigm in the product - or simply as an aberrant blip before gold volatility returns to recent lows? Question from Steven brooks, Lansing, MI: I’ve been enjoying the program. I hope you get around to producing it more often than once a month. I’ve also been slowly building an interest in binary options as a result of the show. I honestly didn’t know much about them prior to discovering this program. I’ve been looking at the spike in WTI in recent weeks and I think this is a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing. Can the panel recommend a good play in the NADEX binaries to spec on a downside retracement in oil? Or should I stick to the WTI near-term products instead? And one more quick question - can I trade these products through my current broker (TD Ameritrade) or do I have to trade them through NADEX? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
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