61 minutes | May 23, 2014

Futures Options Roundtable 10: A Deep Dive Into Futures Options Data

Futures Options Roundtable 10: A Deep Dive Into Futures Options Data Today’s guest co-host is Nick Howard of QuikStrike The Grand Marketplace: Industry group believes CME Group should suspend open-outcry trading if Globex crashes after an exchange outage in April.  Ags: Wheat futures cap 10-month slump, falling 9.4% from a 14-month high on May 6. Soybean prices rise on tight supplies, increasing $.20 to settle at $14.85 a bushel. Corn prices plummeted, ending a 4.7% weekly slide. Coffee prices soar as Brazil cuts harvest estimate. Metals: Hedge funds cut bullish gold futures bets, while gold rise on Indian demand.  Energy: Oil prices settle at three-week highs.   The Scrolls: Listener questions and comments Question from Seahound - I know about Trade Alert and Livevol. Those services are great, but they focus on equity options. Are there any services or platforms out there that focus on futures options analytics? Question from Alan Gergory - Is the standard multiplier for futures options 100 like it is for equity options? Or do they us some other system? Comment from Charles Dectan, New Orleans, LA - I agree with Jeff from the recent episode. Hellen was great! You guys need to get her on the show more often. She brings a unique perspective to the grains markets.
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