63 minutes | Apr 16, 2019

15 Globalization vs. IRL Culture

For millennia, human culture has been defined by where you were born — the physical place and people who are geographically closest to you. But technologies like airplanes and the Internet are rapidly un-tethering us from our "birth tribes," and allow us to congregate with like-minded people, regardless of where we started out. So what happens when your culture is 100% distributed (virtual), and you have nothing in common with your IRL neighbors? How do we make laws and provide basic services when geography no longer matters? What is the role of corporations, who — for the first time in history — can do it more effectively than governments can? And what does being born into an arbitrary nation state actually mean in the 21st century? As technology accelerates globalization, it's time to rethink how we organize our tribes.
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