57 minutes | Feb 8, 2017

The Blockchain in Real Estate

The Blockchain is something everyone has heard about and understands it is used to host the digital currency Bitcoin. Other than that, most of us don’t really understand what it is, how it works, and what applications it can be used for in the future of real estate. In today’s episode, we will be chatting with Marina Reznik a partner with Ubitquity, a company utilizing the blockchain to securely record and track real estate title and transactions. We will chat with Marina Reznik about what the blockchain is and how it works, so that the rest of us can understand it. ;) We will discuss what Ubitquity is doing, why this process is being embarked on and what it is expected to accomplish in the real estate landscape. Be sure to listen in and understand what these changes in the real estate world look like, and what we can expect from our future real estate transactions due to this new platform of security and accessibility.
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