56 minutes | Jan 25, 2017

3D Printed Homes

3D printed houses is a futurist and rather new idea. It is still very much under development and is in the trial and error stage at this point. However, it is well worth paying attention to. As the technology is developed, the printers manufactured and are ready to build themselves, we may be stunned at the speed in which 3D printing explodes onto the construction scene. The idea of 3D printing home is many fold. It is expected to be mostly automated and therefore require far less manual labour. More machine work tends to create more precise work as well, improving quality control. In addition, it is expected to be significantly faster, so guessing a full modern home being able to be built in days. (plus additional work required for plumbing, wiring, finishings etc) There should be a much wider range of materials that can be used as the base material for the home ranging from concrete, polymers, sandstone, mud and soil, wood, even salt. Be sure to listen in.
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