57 minutes | Mar 9, 2017

3D Printing: Changing the Game in the Chemical Industry

The buzz: “Basically any material you can squeeze, melt or generate into a powder, you can print.” (HLipson) When Chuck Hull developed stereolithography, a manufacturing method aka3D printing, he predicted it wouldn’t be used in the home for 25-30 years. He was right! Thirty-one years later, due to lower costs, higher speed and a variety of materials, 3D printing is also used in multiple industries. What about chemicals and related downstream industries? The experts speak.Frank Jenner, EY: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology...” (S. Jobs). Greg Gorbach, ARC: “Hinges of history are important moments ... filled with opportunity and risk. One of the biggest risks is not being aware that one is living in such a moment” (T. May). Stefan Guertzgen, SAP: “Innovation is the market introduction of a technical or organizational novelty, not just its invention” (J.A. Schumpeter). Join us 3D Printing: Changing the Game in the Chemical Industry.
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