12 minutes | Jan 22nd 2019

Taking the Next Step: From Meeting to Acting - Health:Further in 2019

When we started Health:Further in 2015, it was with a belief that by bringing together a diverse group of people passionate about the future of healthcare, we could help to build bridges that would result in real relationships, partnerships and progress. We also felt that the pace of change in the industry was rather slow, and so gathering once a year to check in and see where things were felt adequate. That founding belief carried us through the growth of an event from a summit to a festival, and the development of an awesome community of people breaking ground on moving the industry forward. We felt like we were on top of things, and our festival could support the industry through its evolution to a more ideal state. Then 2018 happened. The pace of change accelerated, and we came to the conclusion that it was time for us to shift our focus from convening our community to taking direct action. Listen to Health:Further CEO Marcus Whitney, Chief Development Officer Steve Tremitiere, and Director of Research and Content David Shifrin, discuss where we've been and where we are heading starting today. Learn more at healthfurther.com
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