30 minutes | Oct 23rd 2018

Optimizing the Patient Journey | Carrie Liken | Yext

Carrie Liken is the head of industry for healthcare at Yext, a company that helps organizations manage their digital presence and the way people interact with their brands online. This conversation will be somewhat related to the podcast we released a few weeks ago with Andrew Rainey and Elizabeth Davis of Binary Fountain and HCA, respectively, when we talked about reputation management. Liken is the first in her role as head of industry for healthcare. She works closely with the Yext product team and external partners, acting, as a liaison. Her focus is on the patient journey, helping healthcare organizations engage patients to give them a great experience while also driving revenue and sales. We talk about the four (and a half) steps of the patient journey, the somewhat shocking state of healthcare's online presence (if you don't have a mobile friendly website you need one, and yes, that's still an issue in 2018), and the new role of voice in consumer behavior.
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