28 minutes | Oct 16th 2018

Integrative Behavioral Health |Dr. Michael Genovese | Acadia Healthcare

Dr. Michael Genovese is the Chief Medical Officer of Acadia Healthcare. Our conversation comes at time when we at Health:Further are spending more and more time looking at behavioral and mental health from numerous angles. Clinician shortages and reimbursement challenges have put pressure on patients, providers and the healthcare system in recent years. Critically, though, is the fact that mental and physical health issues typically go hand in hand - making us wonder why there is a distinction at all. We talk about this with Dr. Genovese, and he offers his thoughts on providing integrative care - literally, integrating all aspects of a person to help them reach the healthiest state possible. And, as we often do on the podcast, we also talk about organizational leadership and culture, both at Acadia specifically and in healthcare in general. You can also listen at healthfurther.com/the-future-of-health/2018/10/16/integrative-behavioral-health-dr-michael-genovese-acadia-healthcare
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