4 minutes | Jan 1, 2019

Intro to the future now, today, maybe.

This is the intro episode! Welcome! I appreciate you sharing your time to check out this podcast. Just some preliminary notes. Thanks to the most awesome people, all my friends; past, present, future and conceived. Specifically; Sarah, Cedric, Jon & Gary for giving me the inspiration & support to create my first podcast The Future Now, Today, Maybe (TFNTM ).  Put this in the fiction category for intensive purposes. My goal here is; to spark ideas, share thoughts & build a community ready to create the beautiful future that we see so clearly.  Quick housekeeping, there will be 2 versions of every episode; Cafe and Drive Thru (for now). The Cafe will be the full sit down, mostly unedited version. The Drive Thru will be a compressed version that directly delivers the main points.  Thank you!  IG: @alvd3 YT: @alvd Twitter: @arickdavis LI: @arickdavis
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