35 minutes | Oct 14th 2020

Government's Role in Shaping Our Driverless Future with Dan Sullivan

Can you imagine what a driverless world would look like? 

The more you think about it, the more complicated it gets. Will there be steering wheels, a need for drivers’ licenses, or road rage? Where do you even begin to think about the legalities behind this, and how will government keep up with this rapidly changing world? 

Luckily, for all the visionaries and entrepreneurs out there, lawmakers have their eyes on the future. 

In this episode, join Ed Bernardon, host of  the Future Car Podcast, and Daniel Sullivan who shares his experiences and insights on the front lines as the Assistant Director of Policy at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. He tells us about asset mapping, where and why human drivers are slowing down the developments of autonomous vehicles, how simulations are used to test new autonomous vehicle software, and even what traveling to Fenway Park will be like in 2040. 

Some Questions I Ask: 

  • Tell us how you got involved in government, transportation, and developing autonomous vehicles. (1:26)
  • What are the big target areas where we can apply technology and get the most improvement? (3:40)
  • How do the goals for implementing autonomous vehicles in cities versus states differ? (12:05)
  • What can you do on the infrastructure side to take advantage of autonomous vehicles sooner rather than later? (18:12)
  • With so many different modes of transportation sharing the road, how do you accommodate for each mode and prioritize safety? (25:23)
  • What will riding an autonomous vehicle be like in 2050? (32:25)

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • What role asset mapping plays in improving road and general travel conditions. (2:53)
  • What aspects of the future of transportation are most exciting to Daniel. (6:50)
  • How autonomous vehicle services may differ within a city versus on a regional scale. (13:23)
  • How humans are slowing down the integration of autonomous vehicles. (16:54)
  • How simulations are used to model traffic and the “what ifs” of driving in a city. (21:55)
  • How having multiple modes of transportation will provide equitable access to transportation. (26:52)
  • How Daniel would like to see autonomous vehicle development evolve. (31:08)

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