76 minutes | Aug 10, 2022

201 - How to make content that goes viral — with Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane is a bestselling author and influential marketing advisor to celebrities, pro athletes, and major brands. He’s helped clients like Taylor Swift, Paramount Studios, Vice, and IKEA make content that consistently goes viral.

Despite how it may feel, the algorithms are not working against you. They are one of the keys to making viral content. In this episode, Brendan walks us through his process for creating quality content that appeals to a broad audience and makes our algorithmic adversaries happy.

Want to know the secret to social media success? Effective storytelling. The best content comes from stories that resonate with people on many levels. According to Brendan, there are six different ways people perceive content. We can use that information to tell better stories with context that matters to our prospective audience.

Brendan also dispels myths and outdated advice for how to “beat” the algorithm. For instance, unleashing a consistent torrent of content will not yield better engagement results because crappy content is still crappy.

If you want to improve your content, be more strategic with social media, and connect with a wide range of people, listen closely to this episode.

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