50 minutes | Jul 20, 2022

198 - Navigating the Creative Industry — with Susana Chen

Susana Chen is the founder of the Asian Creative Foundation (ACF). ACF is a community organization that helps entry-level creatives find opportunities, navigate their career paths, and help make the creative industry a more inclusive place.

Roles get flipped in this episode. In this conversation, Susana interviews Chris for an ACF-hosted virtual event called Asian Creative Festival. And they cover a lot of ground. Like what inspired The Futur’s mission to teach 1 billion people, how Chris manages stress and the story of how Chris first learned about graphic design.

The two also discuss an important and divisive topic: design school. If you’re new to the creative industry (or considering joining it), then you’ll enjoy this conversation. And if you’re not so new to it all, don’t fret. Chris offers advice for you too.

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