75 minutes | Jun 15, 2022

193 - What is copywriting? — with Neville Medhora

Neville Medhora is best known as a copywriter. But that doesn’t mean he just writes copy. According to Neville, effective copywriting means communicating a message from your brain to millions of other brains using the best technology available.

Hundreds of years ago, a carrier pigeon was the best option. Today, it’s probably a brief email that includes curated animated GIFs.

In this episode, we talk with the author and copywriter about why he dropped out of college, his direct approach to helping clients, and why he actively keeps up with marketing trends.

One universal tip Neville shared that might help you (and your business) is that familiarity ruins your ability to critique something. You can’t relive a first impression, so try introducing fresh eyes to your problem. It will almost always lead to better insights.

If you’re interested in learning how to improve your copywriting, you might like Neville’s copywriting course.

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