73 minutes | Jun 1, 2022

191 - How Chatbots and Messenger Automation Work — with Natasha Takahashi

In 2017 Natasha Takahashi completed her first semester at the prestigious (and quite expensive) college, University of Southern California.

She'd spent many nights writing essays and working tirelessly to attain any scholarship she could find to pay her tuition. But Natasha had a scary epiphany halfway into her second semester: This is not for me.

Frustrated and unhappy with her USC experience, she decided to drop out. She even wrote a letter to her parents expressing her gratitude and reasoning.

Five years later, Natasha sounds more than happy with her decision. She's started two businesses and is well on her way to achieving the goals outlined in the letter to her parents.

In this episode, we discuss Natasha's business focus: messenger automation.

Whether you were aware of it, you've probably encountered (and talked with) a chatbot. But have you ever thought about how messaging automation might help you and your business?

If you get overwhelmed with DMs or want to learn more about how chatbots work and the benefits that come with them, then give this episode a listen.

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