74 minutes | May 25, 2022

190 - Life in the Metaverse — with Lisa Andrews

Just when you thought you had the internet figured out, new waves of technology approach. With them come a torrent of unfamiliar terms: non-fungible tokens, web3, DAOs, the Metaverse.

Are they real, hype, or are they keys to solving the world's biggest problems?

In this episode, we host investor and futurist Lisa Andrews. She's fascinated by this new technology and sees an opportunity in it to create a positive impact on humanity.

As Lisa puts it, we are living in the phigital world. That is to say, a hybrid of the physical and digital world. Think about the life you lead online and the one you lead offline. They're not the same but are closely related.

The Metaverse is where those two worlds start to converge. And therein lies a new opportunity for innovation, creativity, and of course, business.

If you think you've missed this new wave of technology, think again. There is plenty more to learn and discover.

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