57 minutes | May 4, 2022

187 - How to tell your story — with Chris Do

Storytelling is one of the fundamental ways humans connect. It’s how we learn, exchange ideas, and entertain ourselves. At its core, storytelling is communication.

This episode comes from a live Twitter Space talk Chris Do, and Anneli Hansson hosted. The topic: how to tell your own story.

The conversation opens with how powerful good storytelling is. A well-crafted story is relatable and will draw you in, making the storyteller themselves inherently more interesting.

Storytelling plays a crucial role in the world of branding and marketing. How you present yourself, your business, and your work tell a story. Often, that story looks and sounds like many other people’s stories, which makes it challenging for you to stand out in a crowded market space.

The good news is that everyone has a unique story to tell. And by sharing it, you create a unique space for yourself. The challenge is learning how to be your true self and not the idealized version of you.

To quote Emma Coates’ 22 Story Rules, “You admire a character for trying more than for their successes.”

If you struggle with standing out or think that your story isn’t interesting, this episode is for you. Chris shares several valuable tips and methods for finding and telling your own stories.

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