74 minutes | Apr 6, 2022

183 - What makes something valuable? — with Ron Baker

Ron Baker is a writer, speaker, educator, and recovering CPA. He is the author of seven best-selling books, most of which cover economic topics—specifically, value and pricing.

Throughout history, value has always tied itself to labor. These many work hours cost this many dollars, also known as billable hours.

The counter to this method is value-based pricing. This thing costs this many dollars because it is valuable to you.

So, which is correct? Which is fair?

In this episode, Ron and Chris dive deep into value, pricing, and the relationship between the two. Ron shares some great stories that clearly illustrate why value is determined by the utility it provides the consumer.

They also discuss the concept of subscription-based pricing and why that model may find its way into everything from cars to creative services.

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