63 minutes | Mar 30, 2022

182 - Learning Together — with Wes Kao

Wes Kao is co-founder of Maven, a platform that helps creators build cohort-based courses. Before that, she co-founded the altMBA with acclaimed author and marketer Seth Godin.

If you’re not yet familiar with them, cohort-based courses are a not-so-new way of learning with a group of other people. They take the best parts of traditional classroom education and blend them with online classes to create a rich learning experience.

In this episode, Wes shares why CBCs are the best way to learn and why it’s crucial you always test your course idea. Having a substantial social following doesn’t guarantee a courses’ success.

If you have an idea for a course, give this episode a listen before moving forward. And be sure to check out Wes’s free course accelerator.

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