60 minutes | Feb 16, 2022

176 - Should You Follow Passion or Profit? (Pt. 1 of 3) — with Chris Do

How do you make decisions about your life? Do you follow what brings you happiness and makes you feel good? Or do you remove emotion from the process and remain focused and objective?

Most of us land somewhere in the middle on that spectrum. Juggling the pursuit of our ever-changing interests while working a job that pays the bills.

But what happens when your time is equally split between the two and you’re unhappy with that juggling act?

In this special three-part episode, Chris helps Rodrigo work through a dilemma. One that places him at an important fork in the road: keep working on the business he’s tirelessly built or give it all up and pursue his dream to become a YouTuber.

Part one focuses on what the two options look like for Rodrigo. Which brings more joy, which brings more revenue, and ultimately which he should focus on.

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