72 minutes | Jan 12, 2022

171 - Own who you are — with Carlos Segura

Carlos Segura is the founder of award-winning design firm, Segura Inc. He also founded digital type foundry T26, whose fonts you can find everywhere.

Over the last 30 plus years, Carlos has built (and lived) an extraordinary life and career. And he’s done it on his own terms, whether you like it or not.

In this candid conversation, Carlos shares what he’s learned along the way. From surviving the violence he faced growing up in Miami, to stumbling into what would change his life forever (spoiler alert: graphic design).

Beyond his origin story, Chris and Carlos also discuss his business’ ethos and its unique creative contracts. Contracts that have stirred up controversy with some calling them arrogant, pompous, and even combative.

But those words don’t matter to Carlos. Because if he’s not for you, that’s okay. At least he owns who he is.

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