35 minutes | Apr 24, 2019

Function VS Fiction-Episode 17- Fortress Combat Shooting - Upcoming Pistol Combat Courses - M.O.V.E

Video version link of podcast via the yootubez! Talking about sports and combatives shooting mindsets. We love both! DO NOT get us wrong! Check out 14:25 we have a clip of the "telestrator technology" that John has been using with Fortress Combat shooting and private lessons for about 3+ years now. This really isn't THAT new of a thing but there are a few out there and try and fill dress up classes with gimmicks and "techniques" to cover up the lack of training they may have as instructors. The proof is out there. There isn't anyone in the Gallatin Valley area near Bozeman Montana that is actually going out there testing, trying and implementing new information for students. If we personally don't give OUR BEST how do we expect our students to be the best! Are you following instructors? or are you following the functionality and pushing the envelope? Check out http://move.fortresscombatarts.com to check out the Fortress Pistol Triad package upcoming soon!
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