6 minutes | Mar 29th 2019

Fortress Focussed Minute-3-29-19-Who's Your Batman? Nightwing Movie Idea? Growing up as Batman Fan.

Video version link of podcast via the yootubez! With all the nonsense out there this short ep is trying to focus on the more important things in the world. Who is your batman? Let us know! As well as any topic ideas you might have. More to come...Stay tuned. Feel free to contact us for more info here: https://www.fortresscombat.com/contact-us https://www.functionvsfiction.com (Full Podcast Eps) https://stitcher.functionvsfiction.com (audio only from Stitcher podcasts) https://www.fortressfocussedminute.com (FFM Short Eps) Instagram: @Fortress_Combat and @FunctionVsFiction