5 minutes | Mar 23, 2019

Fortress Focussed Minute - 3-23-19- New Segment, Recondo, More Subjects, Womens Home Protection

Video version link of podcast via the yootubez! Back at ya for another short episode Going more in depth with what we plan to bring with this segment. Make no mistake we're going to be talking about a lot of different subject matters. We feel that people will always listen to something they liked to being with. Hopefully these shorts will help expose you, the listener, to other subject matters you otherwise wouldn't normally of heard of! Fortress Combat This Weekend is Hosting a Women's Personal Protection Seminar this weekend. Recondo is coming to Bozeman also! May 25th to June 1st! visit https://www.fortresscombat.com/events for more info. Feel free to contact us for more info here: https://www.fortresscombat.com/contac... https://www.functionvsfiction.com https://stitcher.functionvsfiction.com https://www.fortressfocussedminute.com Instagram: @Fortress_Combat and @FunctionVsFiction
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