134 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

WB Blockbuster Movies on HBOMax Same Day as in Theaters!!

In this episode of “The Fun Waste of Time,” the crew has a fantastic discussion about the AT&T/Warner Media announcement that all Warner Bros movies in December and throughout 2021 will be dropped on HBOMax day and date of theatrical release.  Will the crew chance going to the commercial theater to see some of these blockbuster heavyweights on the big screen or play it safe and just stream the content in the comfort of their homes?  How does this affect the home theater community?   The fellas also get deep into whether Disney will have a response to this aggressive move by Warner Media to build up their HBOMax subscriber base.  There are rumors floating around that Disney will pull a similar move with its theatrically released movies by having them debut on its streaming service, Disney+.  Do the crew believe this is something Disney would do?  You won’t believe what they have to say! In video games, the Square Enix Marvel’s Avengers video game and its failure to recoup its development costs is discussed.  Based on their experiences with the game, the crew predicts whether Square will be able to breathe new life into the game with its post-launch content and plans.  Will it be enough to get its player base to return and turn a profit for Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics?     More time has been spent with next-gen consoles and games.  The crew share if the start of the next generation of console gaming is living up to expectations or if it’s been more of a disappointment. There’s all this and so much more in episode 33 of “The Fun Waste of Time”.
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