96 minutes | Aug 11, 2020

The "Batman: Arkham" Developers Are Making A "Suicide Squad" Game!

In this fun-filled episode of “The Fun Waste of Time” the crew discuss popular game studio, Rocksteady’s, most recent announcement and gift to the video game community!  The developers responsible for one of the most revered super-hero video game franchises of all time, the “Batman: Arkham” series, recently announced their next big project to be DC’s “Suicide Squad”.  Is the crew excited for Rocksteady’s next major entry in the super-hero genre? “Home Theater Experience” makes its return!  In this episode, PlayStation exclusive “Ghosts of Tsushima” is reviewed and graded for its story, gameplay, visual fidelity and audio immersion.  Is this game worthy enough to recommend that you play it in your theater or game room?     In movie talk, the crew discusses the unprecedented agreement between movie studio, Universal Pictures, and the nation’s largest theater exhibitor, AMC, to decrease the theatrical release window.  Under the agreement, movies showcased in commercial theaters can be streamed on premium-video-on-demand just after seventeen days of release.  Does the crew think this agreement is a good thing for film fans or do they feel it’s one step closer to being the nail in the coffin for commercial theaters?  HBOMax is preparing to premiere its next big television event, “Lovecraft Country”.   The show takes viewers on an epic supernatural adventure through 1950's Jim Crow America.  It addresses racial disparity of the day, while at the same, mixing in heavy elements of fantasy, sci-fi and horror.  After reviewing the fantastic trailer, does the crew believe they’ll invest time watching this show on a weekly basis, after the season completes or not at all? In “Comic Book Pull List,” the crew prepares for the “DC Fandome” event debuting August 22nd, 2020.  What announcements will Warner Bros. and DC make regarding its comic book, TV and movie properties?  The crew joins in the fun and speculates on what they think we'll see!    There’s all this and much much more in episode 27 of “The Fun Waste of Time”!
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