102 minutes | Oct 22, 2020

PC vs. Console Gaming! Is One Better Than The Other Next Generation?

In this episode of “The Fun Waste of Time,” with just a few weeks until the release of next-gen consoles, the crew dedicates this episode to talk about all the fantastic video game news that dropped over the last few weeks!  The crew shares their unfiltered opinions about the reveal of Xbox and PlayStation’s user interface.  Which system made the best first impression and has it changed any minds about which system to get first? With Microsoft and Sony embracing PC as a platform to release their games, the crew gets into a detailed and passionate discussion about the merits of PC gaming in relation to console gaming.  The crew dives head-first into discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both PC and console, as well as, argue their points for the platform they prefer.   NBA 2K21 recently released a new next-gen gameplay trailer that highlights updated features for the game.  With next-gen features like ray-tracing, improved character animations, better ball-handling and higher frame-rates, are these improvements enough to justify the seventy dollar price tag? The crew also spends time talking about all the recent games they’ve been having a fantastic time playing!  Listen in as they discuss their experiences playing co-op games cross-platform on console and PC.  Was anyone’s gameplay hampered or held back due to not having a cohesive shared experience on one platform? There’s all this and much…much more on episode 31 of “The Fun Waste of Time”!   
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