111 minutes | Jan 23, 2021

Most Anticipated Movies and TV Shows of 2021!!

The first “The Fun Waste of Time” episode of the new year has dropped! In this episode, the crew counts down their MOST-ANTICIPATED movies of 2021!  Listen in as the fellas get into a heated, passionate and contested debate about their movie selections and where they fall on their lists.  Due to a massive amount of blockbuster movies dropping in 2021 as a result of most 2020 movies getting pushed back to the following year, the crew struggles with where to place all of these fantastic films on their “Top 10” and “Top 5” lists.    The crew also counts down their “Top 5” most-anticipated TV shows of 2021.  You wanna talk about a great problem to have?  There is so much phenomenal content dropping this year, the crew could only fit a small fraction of the shows they're most looking forward to on their lists.  First World Problems!   There’s all this and much, much more in episode 35 of “The Fun Waste of Time”!
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