91 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

Home Theater Experience: Home Theater Owners Unite!

In this episode of “The Fun Waste of Time” we’ve got a phenomenal dedicated “Home Theater Experience” for you!  Industry veteran and long-time home theater enthusiast, Mike Garrett, from AVScience, makes his first appearance on the show.  Mike gets deep into his passion for the hobby, shares in-depth details about design and aesthetic choices in his theater and imparts a bit of Audio/Video knowledge inquiring minds and home theater fans will want to know.  Our second guest, Matthew Blair, of Brolic Media, was one of the first YouTube content creators to produce a series of detailed videos chronicling his experience building his most recent magnificent theater!  He meticulously detailed and tracked his build experience over a number of years and gives thoughtful insight into the build and design process. Listen in as these fantastic guests share their thoughts on the home theater hobby, successes and challenges building their theaters and advice for those in the planning, build or upgrade phase of constructing their home theater!
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