152 minutes | Jul 29, 2020

Home Theater Experience: "Home Theater Owners" Panel Discussion!

In this special episode of “The Fun Waste of Time” we’ve got a FANTASTIC dedicated “Home Theater Experience” episode for you.  It’s an in-depth home theater panel discussion with popular “AVS Forum” Blu-ray reviewer and contributor, Ralph Potts, seasoned A/V industry veteran, Craig Peer of “AVScience” and up and coming home theater YouTube personality, Jiles McCoy of “Home Theater Fanatics”.      The panel gets into deep-dive conversation about their individual theaters.  They give detailed insight into room dimensions, equipment, design, aesthetic choices, acoustics, seating, control systems and other aspects of their home theaters.  In addition, the panel spends time sharing their favorite movies and demo material that best shows off their magnificent theaters. If you’d like to see photos of their awesome theaters as you listen to the episode, head over to “The Fun Waste of Time” website and open the “Episodes” tab.  All photos can be viewed on the “Episode 26” page. There’s all this and so much more in episode 26 of “The Fun Waste of Time”!  
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