7 minutes | Nov 13th 2018

How Do You Define Charm?

We've all been subject to the personality of certain charming people. It's kind of disconcerting, as you feel like you're on the string end of some Svengali.    What is it about charm that gets people to take action without putting up a fight? How can we learn to be more charming in our daily lives? And what is charm, anyway?   I'd be grateful if you'd leave a rating or review for the show. It would help other people find us.   Links: This episode: smonty.co/fullmonty55 "Manners" by Ralph Waldo Emerson Life's Little Luxury Other commentary and updates at ScottMonty.com   Credits: Theme song: Afternoon by Maestross is on a royalty-free license from Jamendo.com.   Image: Mars Disarmed by Venus by Jacques-Louis David, 1824 (Wikimedia Commons - public domain)   Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify , or Stitcher.   Or try this: ask Alexa or Google Home to "play the latest episode of The Full Monty podcast."     If you find this program valuable, please consider supporting it on Patreon. It covers the cost of hosting, email, music and more.  
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