91 minutes | Mar 4, 2020

1: Warming Up

Haddie and Dan return to talk about viruses, alien abductions, TV shows, Vamanos, and some new podcasts.Support Killing TimeLinks:Corona beer has nothing to do with coronavirus. These brands also suffered PR nightmares — One poll, widely quoted, seemed to suggest that of 737 beer drinkers surveyed in February by New York's 5W Public Relations, 38% would not buy Corona, and 16% were confused about whether Corona beer is related to Coronavirus. Some have questioned that survey — or at least the way it's been interpreted — and it's been debunked by Atlantic and other publications. But that hasn't stopped it from taking on a life of its own on the Twittersphere.McMillions: Official Website for the HBO Documentary SeriesThe Outsider - Official Website for the HBO SeriesCarrie (1976 film) - WikipediaSissy Spacek - WikipediaSuperstore - NBC.comThe Horror Of Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations Revealed In 46 Dark DrawingsBermuda Triangle - WikipediaThe Nightmare - WikipediaCOVID-19 isn’t as deadly as we think. — Healthy people who are hoarding food, masks, and hand sanitizer may feel like they are doing the right thing. But, all good intentions aside, these actions probably represent misdirected anxieties.
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