16 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Rebuilding the Mobile Spa post COVID - with Allison Garrett

I'm Allison T Garrett. After a life plagued with abuse, addiction, crime only to earn a $10,000 salary and having zero fulfillment, I spent time developing my business plan determined to earn a liveable wage. I became a certified life coach after the success of my business (now operating in several US Markets) Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa. I started my entrepreneurial journey with no money, no credit, little support and was quickly earning more in one month than I had in an entire year of being (under)employed. We work with women who want to enjoy the luxury of day sis serviced in their own home or location by providing onsite fun and sophisticated spa events.   www.pamperperfectmobilespa.com   Follow Franciska on Instagram Thinking of launching or outsourcing your podcast?- book a call with Franciska
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