76 minutes | Jul 25th 2019

Episode #27 - Franchising 101

My Podner in this episode is Rob Vinson and he’s going to talk with us today about Franchising 101 – Where to start when you backed into franchising by accident, and don’t know where to go. Rob has been a franchise attorney for 26 years. He was a partner at the prestigious law firm of Strasburger and Price, which is now Clark Hill after an April 2018 merger. Over 13 years he worked his way from associate up to partner. In 2001, he started his own law practice of Vinson Franchise Law and has been doing that ever since. He works, and has worked, with clients all over the United States as well as internationally. Rob is also a founding partner of FranMan Inc, a company that specializes in producing franchise operating manuals. In 26 years Rob has accumulated a great deal of experience that he is going to share with us today. Time Stamps Rob Vinson Intro 00:00:27 Segment 1 00:02:00 Get to know Rob Vinson Segment 2 00:22:32 Topic Segment – Franchising 101 Segment 3 01:06:50 Quickdraw Questions   Topics Discussed in this Episode What is Franchising? Business Format Franchising versus Product Distribution Franchising What is the difference between franchising and traditional licensing? What are the three elements that must be present in order to be considered a franchisor by the FTC? Just because you may not be considered a franchise by the FTC, you may still be considered a franchisor by the state government. Why franchise instead of expansion through company owned locations? What types of business lend themselves to franchising and which don’t? What elements of a business does Rob look at when advising a client on whether the business is “franchisable”? What resources are available to a new franchisor to help navigate the waters of franchising? How can a franchisor find a franchise attorney? What should the franchisor consider when selecting a franchise attorney? What services do franchise attorneys offer to franchisors? What is the FDD and Franchise Agreement? Why did the FDD come about? What are the dangers of a new franchisor using a template to create their own DFF and Franchise Agreement? How important is a well-documented franchise operations manual?   Rob Vinson Vinson Franchise Law www.franchiselaw.net rob@franchiselaw.net  Phone -   775-832-5577   Kit Vinson www.franman.net kit.vinson@franman.net 214-736-3939 x 101  
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