94 minutes | May 27th 2019

Episode #25 - Franchisee Recruitment

My Podner in this episode is Art Coley and he’s going to talk with us today about how to develop a franchisee recruitment system that will attract higher quality franchisees to your system. Time Stamps Art Coley Intro 00:00:27 Segment 1 00:03:00 Get to know Art Coley Bonus Segment 00:19:40 Near business failure – Art’s “E-Myth” moment Segment 2 00:32:00 Topic Segment – Franchisee Recruitment System Segment 3 01:25:29 Quickdraw Questions   Topics Discussed in this Episode What is the founder’s trap that keeps many small business owners from growing to their Business? Becoming royalty self-sufficient needs to be a franchisor’s #1 goal at first. Most franchisors never understand that franchise recruitment is a separate business that requires a separate skill set. The value of a franchised business in not built on selling franchises, the value is based on unit economics. Traditional franchise recruitment systems - what’s good about them - what’s bad about them? What do you mean when you say “Disillusioned” franchise system? Franchising Statistics: 9% of all franchisors have ever made it past 200 locations 20% have ever grown past 100+ units The secret to franchise recruitment is having a system and implementing the system properly What is Recruitment Operating System all about? Discovery Culture versus Sales Culture - what does that mean? Why is “Executive Buy-In” so important to a successful franchise recruitment system? Building a recruitment operating system isn’t for a bunch of wimps! What are the 4 Pillars of the ROS System? Lead Generation Pre-Discovery 8 Step Discovery Process On-Boarding Any franchisor who is not doing some sort of Discovery Day is making a massive mistake. Managing the handoff to Onboarding – Why is that important? When there is no communication between Onboarding and Recruitment teams, the quality of the new franchisees will never improve. What are the three phases of the discovery process? What do they mean? Vision Grind Angst What are some of the key metrics that every franchisor should be following regardless of what recruitment system they use? What is situational leadership and what role does that play in the recruitment process? Unconscious Incompetence Conscious Incompetence Unconscious Competence Conscious Competence What role does a good CRM play in the recruitment process? Communication is key in every organization, but you say that communicating with existing franchisees is really important. Why?   Art Coley www.cgifranchise.com acoley@cgifranchise.com  281-658-9409   Kit Vinson www.franman.net kit.vinson@franman.net 214-736-3939 x 101   Books Mentioned in the Episode: Scaling Up Verne Harnish   Lessons Learned – Wisdom Gained Harish Babla   Empire of the Summer Moon S.C. Gwynne   E-Myth Michael Gerber
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