71 minutes | May 8th 2019

Episode #24 - Franchisee Compliance

My ponder on today’s show is Ms. Angela Angela Coté of Cultivate Advisors, and she is going to visit with us about Franchisee Compliance, or as she likes to call it, franchisee success. Angela cut her teeth really early on in the world of franchising as the daughter of Max Voisin, founder of M&M Food Market. If you are listening from the U.S., you may not have heard of M&M but if you are from Canada, with about 500 locations in its prime, M&M Food Market is a BIG deal. She worked on both sides as both the franchisor and as a franchisee running three locations of her own. Angela has been interviewed on shows such as Social Geek Radio, Franchising Rising Podcast, Tutor Doctor Podcast, and Own Up, Grow Up Podcast. She has been written about in multiple publications such as Global Franchise Magazine, Franchise Blast, Canadian Franchise Association, Douglas Magazine, The Franchise Voice Magazine, Franchise Canada, and a few more   Time Stamps Angela Coté Intro 00:00:40 Segment 1 00:02:48 Get to know Angela Angela Coté Segment 2 00:24:34 Topic Segment – Franchisee Compliance – “Success” Segment 3 00:58:56 Quickdraw Questions   Topics Discussed in this Episode: All franchisees should be as concerned about system-wide compliance as much as the franchisor because compliance to the system standards directly protects their investment. Common reasons for lack of franchisee compliance are: Lack of buy-in Misunderstanding of why system standards exist Franchisor creates an “us vs them” mentality Poorly trained field consultants sometimes lack “soft skills” that are needed to manage the delicate relationship between franchisor and franchisee   How can a franchisor inspire franchisees to WANT to follow the system? Start the “system standards are good for your investment” education early in the relationship – pre-contract. Create and nurture a healthy “franchisees monitoring franchisees” system Regularly connect to the “Why” a franchisee became a franchisee in the first place. Remind them of their goals and how the system standards will help them achieve their personal goals Create easy and open opportunities for franchisees to collaborate with management Create an open and easy mechanism for franchisees to give feedback to the franchisor Utilize a mystery shopper service when it is needed   Angela Angela Coté angela@cultivateadvisors.com Cultivate Advisors   Kit Vinson FranMan Inc www.franman.net kit.vinson@franman.net 214-736-3939 x101
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