21 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

The Real Difference Between Motivation And Inspiration: With Laurel Mintz

Being a very driven and cerebral person is not a bad thing. In fact, those are crucial characteristics for a leader. But in order to actually be able to move forward and grow, it’s important to feel our emotions too. Anger, anxiety, fear, sadness, grief... All these things are important and are there to tell us something.

Today I’m really excited to introduce my guest. She’s Laurel Mintz, CEO & Founder of Elevate My Brand, a creative and data-driven marketing agency that brings companies and brands to life. And on this podcast, Laurel tells me all about her business, how COVID has affected it, and what losing the space where their office used to be has meant to her. 

From there, we discuss the true meaning behind the word “but”, the issues created by not addressing or not understanding how to manage certain feelings, and the fundamental difference between motivation and inspiration.  And we talk about how all of these will help you elevate both your performance, your life, and so much more.

Join us in this new episode of The Frame of Mind Coaching™ Podcast!


Read this episode’s transcript here.

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