44 minutes | Apr 7, 2018

Katy Galli – Keep Moving Forward – EPISODE #1

On the inaugural episode of the Foundations of Sports, we welcome Katy Galli of Keep Moving Forward Podcast and Brand. Katy uses her background in Collegiate Track and Field to help former college and pro athletes transition from the athletic field to the next phase of their life. In this episode, she talks about how her final collegiate track competition and the plane ride home was a launching point for her work with Keep Moving Forward.  She speaks about how to apply the "athletes mindset" to accomplish any goal, her inspiration from Walt Disney, and the goal of interviewing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for her podcast. Katy's podcast features the stories of former professional and collegiate athletes who’ve utilized the lessons and values developed in their sports to start their own businesses.  The key to their transition is seizing every opportunity presented on their journey and then eventually honing in on that one true calling…that one passion that takes them beyond the athlete they once were. Enjoy the episode   For more information on Katy and Keep Moving Forward, visit Keep Moving Forward IG - @keepmovingforwardpodcast Facebook - @keepmovingforwardpodcast Visit us at Foundations of Sports for further information on our mission of providing positive sports stories and the people who make an impact on and off the field.    
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