37 minutes | Feb 5, 2020

Dan Iassogna – Major League Baseball Umpire / Umps Care Foundation

“You can do anything you want in life, make whatever it is your Big Leagues, whatever that league you want to be in, make it your Big Leagues, and just go for it, do everything you can during the day to get to your Big Leagues.” – Dan Iassogna – Major League Baseball Umpire Dan is going on his 18th year as a Major League Baseball Umpire. In this episode, we discuss How he started in umpiring His journey through umpire school and Minor League Baseball The feeling of being called up to his first Major League game in Texas What it means for the Umpire Crew to be the “3rd team on the field” Physical and Mental Preparation Perspective on handling situations, and the importance of being the “calmest person on the field” Mentors in the game of baseball Unique relationship between the Umpire and the Catcher Championship work Dan is doing off the field, including with the Umps Care Foundation What sports taught him and the importance of “being a professional”   Enjoy the episode. Visit us at Foundations of Sports for further information on what we do and our mission of providing positive sports stories and the lessons of character, hard work, and humility that develop a championship teams on and off the field. This episode is sponsored by us, The Foundations of Sports, and our new Podcast Leadoff Program. According to Edison Research, in 2019, over an estimated 144 million people listen to a podcast in the US. Podcasting is a great way to connect, network, build relationships, and get the word out about your mission, team, organization or product. Allow us to teach you a simple, nuts and bolts approach to starting your podcast…..From developing an idea for your show all the way through recording and downloading your 1st episode, we can develop your blueprint that will get you up and running. Contact us at for further information…. Instagram – Foundations of Sports LinkedIn – Chris Horgan – Foundations of Sports
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