50 minutes | May 28, 2018

Chris Sperry – College Baseball Coach / Sperry Baseball Life – EPISODE # 4

Coach Chris Sperry is a baseball coach that helps his players on the field, but also, "navigate a path that leads to their Big League in life," off the field. He has coached at every level, including 18 years at his alma mater Div. 1 - University of Portland. He now operates, Sperry Baseball Life," which provides skill instruction, college life guidance, and youth coach mentoring. He has positively impacted many of players. Coach emphasizes being prepared, and while pursuing your hopes and dreams on the field, have a backup plan for doing something you truly enjoy in life after baseball. He is the author of the article, "Stay at 17 inches," which uses the metaphor of home plate for life. In the article, he speaks about being accountable to yourself and your teammates, and connecting the lessons learned on the Baseball Diamond to everyday life. http://www.sperrybaseballlife.com/stay-at-17-inches/ In the episode, Coach uses the analogy of hardware and software (hardware being the physical tools, and software as the character traits) to speak about not only the 5 tools on the baseball field, but what characteristics are necessary to use every ounce of your potential on and off the field. And we also discuss the meaning of the quote, "The name on the front of the jersey represents who you play for, the name on the back of the jersey represents who raised you. Do them both justice." Enjoy the episode   For more information on Coach Chris Sperry and Sperry Baseball Life: www.sperrybaseballlife.com Facebook - @sperrybaseballlife   Visit us at Foundations of Sports for further information on our mission of providing positive sports stories and the people who make an impact on and off the field. Twitter - @Foundationssport IG - Foundations of Sports LinkedIn - Foundations of Sports Podcast  
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